Wooly Felted Wonders

Wooly Felted Wonders

Our staff are big fans of these wonderful dryer balls and have used them for years.  Simply place up to 6 balls in your dryer and your clothes will emerge softer, dry up to 25% faster with almost no static cling!  These balls have a great story too as they’re made from the highest quality New Zealand wool and handcrafted by indigent Nepalese woman who were dramatically affected by the devastating 2015 earthquakes.  Being able to earn income producing these Wooly balls makes a huge difference in their lives. The Wooly balls come in 3 different colors; white, grey or charcoal and make great gifts too!


E-cloth microfiber

E-Cloth is the world’s finest microfiber cloths because of its unique high-quality construction. Each square inch has over 1.6 million fibers to grab even the dirtiest surfaces on countertops, windows, floors and anything else you can think of. All you do is unlock the cleaning power of WATER – the ultimate natural cleaner – with the many different E-cloths available to achieve superior results.

Vacuum Cleaner Hospital carries a large array of the E-Cloth microfiber cloths as well as their popular floor mop which is preferred by cleaning professionals.

Telescopic Duster

Wool Shop Dusters

We introduced the Wool Shop brand of dusters to the Triangle over 20 years ago.  They are a small family owned business from rural Missouri who we’ve had a close relationship over the years.  In fact, the matriarch of the family, Jo Andrews, has said she’s distantly related to the owner of our company, Tom Proctor!

The quality of their products are unmatched in the duster business and we’re proud to carry their USA made products.

Wool is a natural fiber that has an abundance of unique attributes. The physical make-up of wool fiber is so complex it can never be duplicated or imitated by man-made synthetic processes. Wool Shop adheres to strict quality standards to assure the wool is of the highest quality, making Wool Shop products beyond comparison.

The Epicuticle is a thin protective film covering the cuticle (scales) which makes the wool fiber more resistant to abrasion. Wool Shop dusters can be used on the most delicate of surfaces.

The Cortex is the main inside layer of the fiber that composes 90% of the fiber mass. Because of the amazing cable-like strength of the Cortex each wool fiber is so elastic and resilient that it can be bent over 20,000 times without breaking or damaging the fiber.

The Cuticle layer is the outer part of the wool fiber and is composed of hundreds of microscopic, overlapping scales. Tiny pockets between the scales naturally trap and hold dust particles. This amazing feature has made Wool Shop dusters famous for their dust-grabbing ability.