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Vroom Features



The Vroom Garage Vac handles all your cleaning needs with a 10′′ bare floor brush, dashboard/dusting brush, upholstery tool, standard crevice tool, a longer flexible crevice tool, adjustable aluminum wand, and 40′ stretch hose that retracts to 8′ for storage around the unit.


The 5-layer microfiber filtration bag means no dust or allergens are exhausted back into the air you breathe!

VRoom Wall Mount Vacuum


Wall or Flush Mount
8′ to 40′ Expandable Hose Conveniently Stores on Unit
Powerful Suction
Simple to Install and Use
Just 9 Pounds!
Integrated Tool Caddy and Versatile Tools
6-Year Warranty
5-Layer Microfiber Filter Bags
Perfect in Garages, Workshops, Craft Rooms and Condos


Vroom Garage Vac is easy to use – just grab the hose, press the switch and vacuum! With a powerful 12-amp motor the Vroom Garage Vac tackles your toughest messes. And with a 40-foot hose, there’s no nook or cranny you can’t reach.


The Vroom Garage Vac only needs 2.5 square feet of wall space, since the integrated tool caddy and hose rack keep everything organized in one place! Plus at just 9 pounds (and only 4′′ deep), the surface-mount Vroom Garage Vac can be conveniently carried to another location – the tool caddy is removable too. A flush-mount model that recesses into the wall is also available.

Review on Yelp VCH page 4/15/2015

We visited the Vacuum Cleaner Hospital to purchase a new Miele vacuum cleaner--our well-used 17 year old Miele was ready to bite the dust! We did buy a new Miele, and while we were there, my husband noticed a Vroom car vacuum cleaner mounted on the wall. He thought the Vroom would be a great thing to have to vacuum out our cars since lugging the large vacuum cleaner out to the garage is always inconvenient.

I bought the Vroom and gave it to my husband for Christmas 2014. He mounted it in the garage and we have been using it frequently. Our cars have never looked so clean, and with the price of cars, we want ours to look good as long as possible! We love the little vacuum cleaner and are so happy we decided to buy one! I would recommend anyone who has a garage consider purchasing a Vroom! - Robin L.


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